Principal’s welcome

Hendra State School, established in 1864, is the oldest school in the district. In 2014 Hendra State School celebrated 150 years of service to the community of Hendra.

Over those 150 years, Hendra State School has seen significant changes. Technologies available to both students and teachers have transformed the way education is delivered as well as our future path. Significant investments have been made in Information and Communication Technologies including the upgrade of the wireless/ NBN network, purchase of laptops and IPADs and this year we have embarked on Coding and Robotics Programs to further enhance the learning and skills of our students for the future!    

Hendra State School aims to educate children intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically in order to help them make a positive contribution to society, be problem solvers, entrepreneurs and use persistence and resilience in facing the wider world and demands of life now and in the future.  We offer a comprehensive educational program based on the National Australian Curriculum, delivered by a very dedicated, professional and motivated staff.  

In realizing the above, the school prides itself on offering:

  • Riding to Success Program – A horse riding program, where every student receives 5 weeks of horse lessons. This has significantly increased our student’s willingness to take considered risks in the learning environment. This initiative is unique to Hendra State School and has been reflective of the significance of the Hendra Horse racing community.
  • Coding and Robotics Program – Students learn computer programming, logic, graphic, design, animation and problem solving  in a playful way by building their own computer games, program robots and exploring the digital world.
  • Instrumental Music Program – With the assistance of the instrumental Music Outreach Program, students have been offered the chance to learn a musical instrument from Year 3. Students not only play for school events but for concerts at the Meriwee Aged Care Facility.
  • Investments in Technology – Installation of WiFi in all learning spaces, interactive data projectors, a conference room with large interactive screen, IPads, Lap tops and Desk computers.
  • Vegetable Garden – The Brisbane City Council were able to assist the school with setting up vegetable gardens. At present we have a collection of students that enjoy watering, weeding and picking the produce! A great chance to teach and learn sustainability!
  • Commitment to Languages other than English (LOTE) – The LOTE taught at Hendra is Japanese. LOTE is taught from Prep–Year 6. In addition to learning to comprehend and compose written and spoken texts in Japanese, students also learn about cultural practices and compare and contrast to their own. 
Hendra State School is a unique small school and prides itself on attaining high standards in academic achievement, behaviour and sporting pursuits and its ability to prepare students as life-long learners. 

As Hendra is a small school we put strong emphasis on community and working in partnership, in order for all our students to achieve to their potential.

Nicola Leslie
Last reviewed 19 June 2019
Last updated 19 June 2019