​​​At Hendra State School, we endeavour to provide our students with as many diverse learning opportunities as possible. The school prides itself on being able to offer our students a range of different activities ranging from cultural and sporting activities to activities designed to add to the educational experience at Hendra State School.  These activities include:

  • ​Hendra State School is unique in that each student participates in an equestrian program.  The program aims primarily to increase student willingness to undertake challenges and be more confident in approaching tasks that appear too difficult to attempt. We believe this has a 'flow on' effect to the classroom, as children who are prepared to undertake and attempt tasks they consider difficult are more likely to successfully engage and complete these activities thereby greatly enhancing the learning opportunities for all students.

  • All students from Prep to Year 6 attend swimming classes each year as part of learning in Health and Physical Education. 

  • Students in Years Five and Six attend a school camp as part of their educational experience and opportunity for outdoor learning. The goal for ​camp is to develop student resilience, leadership and team building skills.

  • Students participate in the Instrumental Music Outreach Program. The program is based at Kelvin Grove State College and sees the students engage in online sessions with an instrumental music teacher once a week, with regular visits over the year. Students are also invited to attend music camps.  Our students are currently learning violin, clarinet and trumpet.

  • Students have the opportunity to join the City Cluster School's high achievers and leadership programs.  Students have the opportunity to join students from cluster city schools to extend their knowledge and skills in Writing, Mathematics, Science and The Arts.  Leadership legacy projects are presented at the Queensland Aca​​demy of Creative Industries (QACI) each year.

  • The annual ICAS Tests from the UNSW are available for students in years 3, 4, 5, and 6.

  • Hendra State School promotes participation in trials of various sports for representation in the City Districts Teams. These sports include: rugby league, swimming, cross country and netball to name a few. Students between 10 and 12 are encouraged to attend.

  • Sporting Schools grants provide students the opportunity to work with a specialist coach to increase their skills in sports such as rugby union, softball and cricket.

  • Hendra State School has a significant sustainability focus.  Families are encouraged to supply 'wrapper-free' lunches.  Food scraps are composted or given to our free-range chickens.  The Tangalooma Eco Marines​ initiative is embedded into our daily school routines and each class has the responsibility for caring for their own garden. 

  • Students in Years 3-6 learn coding with specialist Technology teachers.  Students may consolidate their coding skills at the lunchtime coding club.

Last reviewed 07 February 2023
Last updated 07 February 2023